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English language program to Erasmus students

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Community coordination BA

Students graduating from the Community coordination BA program will be able to initiate, coordinate and manage adults’ cultural activities. The first two years of their education serves as the foundation stage for their studies and the third year is the period for specialization: students may select either the adult education organizer or the cultural manager specializations. These studies are one of the bests among the professions in arts and social sciences regarding job opportunities on the labor market.

Our graduates were employed as organizers and assistants not only in the field of adult education and culture but in other field of the labour market as well. 


Pedagogy BA    


Andragogy MA

Graduate students are capable of fulfilling similar workplaces than students graduated from the BA level but they will be prepared to perceive, monitor and approach their activities and their future workplaces in broad context. As a result, they are potential candidates for leading positions in several firms or NGOs. Based on our graduate survey we can state that they work in mainly adult education or HR areas.

In the two-year degree program students learn about the structure, functions and operation of adult education, as well the context and interrelated phenomena of education, adult education, economy and processes in society.


Educational studies MA


Teacher of community education MA

Graduated students will capable of organizing free time activities for students in public education institutions. Besides, they could also manage the 50-hour community work for secondary education students, which is compulsory in Hungary. Our graduated students may also have jobs in organizing NGOs’ activities, especially focusing on fund raising and marketing.

Students who would like to have a degree as teachers of community education may easily match their studies to any other teacher training majors at the University of Debrecen.