Mariann Buda

Mariann Buda Phd. habil., associate professor, Department of Educational Studies


She has been teaching educational studies since 1984. For the first ten years she worked in a secondary school and since 1994 she has been teaching at the University of Debrecen. She has been able to utilise her public education experience in teacher training. Her relationship with the schools and teachers has been continuous due to joint professional projects, researches and also through development trainings and lectures held by me.

Throughout the years she has been able to engage with different branches of educational studies. Her mathematical knowledge has proved useful in developing and teaching measuring and evaluating courses and subjects.

Her mental hygienist qualification has inspired me to move towards the border between educational studies and psychology. She has been dealing with the question of violence and bullying amongst children and at school. At the moment, her main interest lies in bullying at school, school climate, the functioning of community and the connections of violence.