Program to Erasmus students

English language program to Erasmus students

Offers from Department of Andragogy

  • Introduction to Andragogy (3 credits), Gábor Erdei

  • Hungarian and international institutions of Andragogy (3 credits), Erika Juhász – Attila Zoltán Kenyeres

  • Research on adult education (3 credits), joint course, responsible person: Gábor Erdei

Offers from Department of Pedagogy

  • Philosophy of education and culture (3 credits), Imre Fenyő

  • Fields of leisure pedagogy (3 credits), Nóra Veronika Németh

Offer from the Doctoral Program

  • Educational Research Practice Seminar (5 credits for BA és MA students), Gabriella Pusztai


Conact: Fruzsina Szigeti Erasmus coordinator: