Department of Cultural Studies

The Department of Culltural Studies at the University of Debrecen was founded in 1956. Since the Bologna Process, we offer separate study programs in the Community Coordination BA, Andragogy MA and the Teacher of Community Education MA, and we manage other related trainings as well. Besides such a wide range of teaching activities, the Department also plays an important role in organizing scientific conferences and various events, initiating research, and publishing volume series and books. 

The teaching and research activities of the Department are divided into two parts:

  • In the field of adult education, our main teaching duties are focused on the Andragogy MA programs. Related research interest cover general adult education, vocational adult education, workplace education and learning, and the diverse activities of adult learning and education occurring in varied scenes and different forms in organizations. 
  • In the field of cultural manager studies, our main teaching activities target the Community Coordination and the Teacher of Community Education MA program. Related research investigates cultural activities and cultural phenomena in cultural organizations, the media, NGOs, and tourism.

The Mátyás Durkó Conferences, which are organized biannually, honor the founder of the Department. These events are very popular nationwide and also abroad.

Acta Andragogiae et Culturae is the scientific volume series of the Department consisting of more than 30 volumes. The series serves as one of the main scientific dissemination channels of the Department both in Hungary and abroad. Several edited volumes have been published in English and are disseminated among the international partners of the Department.   

Updated: 2019.09.04.

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