Introduction - MTA-DE-Parent-Teacher Cooperation Research Group

MTA-DE-Parent-Teacher Cooperation Research Group


The aim of the research team is to develop the activities of teachers that strengthen parental competencies and commitment to education. Motivating students, goal setting, learning support, andexploring the developmental potential of leisure activities are challenging parenting tasks. In Hungary the intensity of parent-teacher cooperation lags behind expectations in comparison to international data, while the effect of family background is particularly strong, which determines the content and quality of parenting activities at home, parental aspirations, and also the school performance of students. Cooperation with parents is a prerequisite for high value-added instruction and skill development, therefore the research group explores the working mechanisms of effective schoolpractices and develops procedures that, when integrated into teacher education and in-service training, result in the development of teacher-parent cooperation and the strengthening of parental competencies.

Last update: 2023. 06. 08. 13:06